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Volkl Snowboards Splitboard Adv 2


Adventure snowboard´s lovers lived resigned seeing how the best descents were practically reserved for cross-country skiers. The difficulty for the ascent to the summits with snowshoes in the feet led them to give with a solution quite dramatic: section the snowboard by half and devise a new system of anchorage of the bindings. This is how was born the splitboard, a pure modality that will make you feel the roots of mountaineering and snowboarding.

Splitboard  Voelkl-Snowboards.

Splitboard Voelkl-Snowboards.

The splitboarding or cross-country snowboard is a relatively young modality which divides a table of snow by half to convert it into a kind of two skis that allow ascend putting some skins in the soleplate and that are assembled in a regular table to perform the most intense descents on completely virgin hillsides. Born of the need to be able to perform snowboard voyage without having to use snowshoes and load with the table at the back. Despite being an idea that brings more than 20 years unfold, it is the moment in which it is gaining strength and adepts this randonee snowboarding.

In reality a splitboard is a snowboard cut literally from “nose” to “tail”. In this way we have two skis around 15 centimetres in width to be able to ascend with skins. But the real invention is in the position of the mountings: front to the ascension, diagonal for lowering. The trick lies in that through some pins, the mounting is free in the heel in order to move the foot during the ascent, while for downhill, join the two halves of the table by a few closures and the own fixing in the normal position of decline. In this way, we already have our traditional snowboard prepared for the total enjoyment and delight for descent.



What must not be forgotten is the risk involved in this modality to be realized in High Mountain and there will always be that bear at least the basic equipment of security: ARVA, shovel and probe. At any moment you can produce an avalanche and all caution and safety measures are few in this case. It will be important and recommended to go in a group and that some, if not all, have some technical knowledge about mountain, the itinerary, the state of the snow and the snow mantle and avalanches alerts available at that moment.

We encourage you from SKIBACK to practice this new modality, always with the maximum security and accompanied by graduates mountain guides. You will learn to love more if it is worth the snowboard and to enjoy the magic of the snow in its majesty and of silence, away from the tumult of the ski resorts lifts. At the end of the day, your SKIBACK will help you to carry the table with total comfort and lightness.
A greeting and… Happy Riding!!!!

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