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Despite helmet use is still not compulsory in the Spanish ski resorts, it is becoming increasingly more people that uses it. Security against possible accidents and aesthetic are their main arguments in favour, although there are also those who are still reluctant to use.



Security is essential in tracks and a key element to prevent injuries is the hull. Its use, at the moment, it is not compulsory in Spain’s ski resorts (not as Italy and Austria for example), although they recommend its use. Since a long time ago they are inflexible with the helmet use in children under the age of 12 years and heed the warning of ATUDEM (Tourist Association in ski resorts and mountain) on the “mandatory skiing helmet for children and advisable for adults by the risks of suffer irreversible injuries”.

The hull can be crucial to minimize injuries. To begin we must remember that it is a sport that is practiced in the open air and in an environment such as the mountain and involves risks. In addition we must add the mass that we can find on some tracks filled with skiers and snowboarders at different levels and with different braking methods. A speed impact can give to hit with our head or the other one in the snow, ice, a stone, a tree… In these situations is when the helmet use will prove to be of extreme importance.
A study published in December 2012 in the British Journal of Sports Medicine reveals that up to a fifth of the injuries in the skiing occurs in the head and that helmets protect 60 percent of the same. In this study it is also spoken of the difference about the ideal hull for skiers and snowboarders and reveals the need for helmets of an appropriate size and of the finest materials, if not already that can be up to the worst consequences in an accident.

Barely 20 years ago only a few cautious were placed a helmet to practice a sport in the snow. Today this has changed substantially and we can see figures, depending on the ski resort, moved between the 40 and 70% of helmet use in their facilities. People conscience with security has done shooting its use in our country and throughout the world.

When we are choosing a helmet there are different factors but it is essential that it really adjust well to the head, without squeeze or we go uncomfortable. It is not good that the helmet moves and could be counterproductive in case of an accident. Then already comes to choose if you want an integral helmet (fully closed) or freeride hull (more aeration and removable ears), if it pastes or not with our skiing clothes , if it weighs more or less, if I spend 50 or 200 euros… the range is very extensive, but we recommend you test really well in specialty shops before deciding.

From SKIBACK we insist on using common sense and the responsibility to avoid accidents regardless of whether you decide to use helmet or not. And don’t forget to visit our store to get the best transport system for your material in the snow.

A greeting and we’ll see you next week.

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