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Skiing Or Snowboarding


Winter is here. Cold has arrived and first snowfalls with it. Perhaps with this scenario you’re encouraging to try some winter sports like skiing or snowboarding. But in this point is where the questions arise: which is easier to learn? Which is more comfortable? With which I will fall more to the ground? Really it is not easy to know, but from SKIBACK will try to give some clues that can help to decide by either.


Skiing or Snowboarding

Skiing or Snowboarding

The first thing that we counsel, whether skiing or snowboarding the sport you start out to practice, is always hiring classes with qualified ski instructors. Safety is basic for you and the others and a good instructor will teach you the theory, technique and progression safely without the risks of starting alone. Also it will give you more confidence to continue practicing on your own.

Age is not an impediment to start practicing any of them, but as soon as you could start is better because of fitness and fears. Ideal moment is starting as child, so if you have kids do not hesitate to learn from 4-5 years. They learn to breakneck speed and memorise everything they teach them.

Skiing is the most popular and widespread winter sport. It may be easier to start than snowboarding, but it will take time to master as it involves a lot of technique and not so easy progress. With skis you have greater stability and balance than with snowboard by the centred position of the body and the legs independence. What must be clear is that skiing has its process and you will spend days learning to brake and turn wedge later, and slowly, gradually introduce the parallel turns. A fairly acceptable physical form is needed because skiing will demand legs and core work (in one hour can burn more than 500 calories). In addition to skis, we will have the help of poles for balance and push and we wear rigid boots that are not too comfortable and sometimes they are beginner’s nightmares.

Snowboarding is practiced with a table that put both legs obliquely. The position is not as natural as skiing but has the advantage of their boots comfort and softly and funny table management. The beginnings are harder by the constant fallings and getting up difficulty, but you will success much faster than skiing. A perfectly mastered snowboarding arrive earlier, but certainly do not have much room for improvement as skiing. Another point in its favour is that usually does not record as many injuries as skiing by the position taken on the table. The legs should have a good tone and in this sport, trunk and abdominal work are really important. Perhaps it does not transmit the same speed sensations as skiing but is extremely fun, addictive and easy to perform jumps and tricks.

We hope these little notions have served to help you to choice by one or another. There is no better nor worse, neither easier nor more difficult, they are simply different and any of them has things that hook. The important thing is to try and persevere in their learning. The feeling of freedom provided by snow sports is indescribable. And remember that for beginners SKIBACK is perfect and it is available for both skiing and snowboard, children and adults. It is extremely useful for transporting the material safely and comfortably. Now all that remains is to decide and enjoy…

Take advantage of the opening of the slopes and see you next week.

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