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Equipment For Skiing


If you’ve finally come to the decision that this year is going to be THE year for you and that you’re finally going to leap and descend those beautiful white slopes, we’d better run through all the equipment that will be needed to do so. This way, we’ll get you to experience an unforgettable time at the ski resort.


equipment for skiing

equipment for skiing

You’ll obviously need to count on a COMPLETE CLOTHING EQUIPMENT. You cannot depend on any given warm outfit from around the house. Ski clothing has been especially designed to keep us warm and protect us from the water, wind and snow. The difference between falling down on the snow wearing simple jeans and that of falling down wearing snow pants can be of huge proportions.

No wonder you’ll need to get yourself a good set of top and bottoms suitable for the snow.

GLOVES are another essential item. Gloves can protect from cold but also from being in touch with the snow, which can be damaging at times. It is, therefore, really important not to miss our gloves during our trip to the snow. It’s very common to end up losing one of them, especially when we take them off while sitting on a chair. Should you lose them, you won’t be able to go on skiing.

You all know how important it is to keep our limbs warm so as not to let the rest of the body get cold. Because of that, we shouldn’t overlook using proper SOCKS, a well-suited pair as regards protection.

THERMAL CLOTHING has certainly been an important breakthrough. We can wear a t-shirt as well as long johns and it’s very advisable for those days that can get quite chilly. It’s best to wear multiple high-quality layers instead of wearing very thick clothes underneath. This will be the best way to keep ourselves warm at low temperature.

But we also ought to pay attention to SUNGLASSES. Sunshine in the snow can be really harsh due to the dazzling effect of the sunrays. For the same reason, we should get hold of SKI GOGGLES for those days with poor visibility as a result of heavy snow, strong winds or pouring rain.

Ok, now we have both ski top and bottoms, thermal underwear, gloves, socks and sunglasses. Are we still missing anything?

We’re still missing the sports equipment! How come we’re planning to ski without skis? For SKIING, we’ll need skis, sticks and boots. But if it’s SNOWBOARDING we’re after, in that case, we’ll need a board and a pair of boots.

And of course, we cannot forget to get a SKIBACK in order to carry our skis/ board coveniently safe with no need to use our hands.

But we’re not finished yet… In Skiback, we strongly recommend using a HELMET both as a prevention and protection tool. The use of it is becoming more and more common in the slopes despite the fact that people are not required to wear it by law in Spain.

We’re aware of the fact that this is a lot to take in for a first day of skiing but you don’t need to have everything ready from the very start. Sports equipment can be hired at the ski resorts (skis, poles, snowboards, boots and even helmets) and the rest of materials (thermal clothing, gloves, socks and goggles) can be either purchased in stores or borrowed from a friend. It’s also worth having a look at second-hand forums.
And now that you have all the essential items to go skiing, how about going down some slopes?

See you next week!

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